Rules & Regulations

The BTA conduct many varieties of competitions targeting different groups and abilities.  All competitions conducted by the BTA will adhere to the competition By-Laws as formulated by the BTA Pennant Committee.  The By Law’s also incorporate the Tennis Australia’s Code’s of Conduct, as displayed below.

2016/17 BTA By Laws

2016/17 Codes of Conduct for Tournaments and Weekly Competitions

Any players/teams whom breach the BTA By Laws or Codes of Conduct may be liable for penalties.  These will be enforced by the various pennant committees.

Entering a Competition

When registering for a competition as a team or individual, the Entrant agrees to the following conditions:

We hereby agree to participate in the Bendigo Tennis Association’s pennant within the rules and regulations as set out by the Playing Committee. We agree as a Club, Team, and Individuals to uphold the principles of good sportsmanship and will at all times conduct ourselves in accordance with the BTA’s players standard codes of conduct as outlined on this page.