2017 Northern Squads Winter Challenge Series

May - September 2017

Series Background

The Bendigo Tennis Association will co-ordinate a Winter Squad Challenge series, involving squad teams from around regional Victoria. The challenge series will run from May through to September with one tournament per month on the nominated Sunday’s. The best performing players from across the series will be invited to the Finals event held on Sunday 17th September, 2017.

The outline for the series will be as follows:

  • Squads to submit a listing of players (40 players max, 10 player’s minimum)
  • There is no limitation on how a squad is grouped, ie a squad could be regional representation, Association, Club, Town, Coaching Group, etc,
  • Players can enter age groups of 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 and under, with age restrictions taken at the end of the month for each tournament,
  • Each age group will run as a round robin (minimum of 3 matches per player), with an elimination style finals held, if required, to determine the winners of each age group,
  • Each age group will have an A and B level, separating players on their level of ability and experience, ensuring that all players get competitive playing opportunities,
  • Trophies will be presented to the winner and runner up in each age group at the conclusion of each tournament, and
  • All matches will be played at the William Loud Tennis Complex

What: 2017 Northern Squad Challenge Series:
Format: Singles round robin (minimum 3 matches per tournament)
Age Group: 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 & Under
Age Requirements: As of the end of the month for each tournament
Cost: $12 per tournament

Participating Squads

Bendigo TA – Contact Stephen Storer – ss@tennisbendigo.com.au
South Bendigo TC – Contact Kieran Fitzgerald – fitz54@bigpond.com
Sedgwick – Contact Terry Smith – terrys@activ8.net.au
Shepparton – Contact Luke and Carla Dixon – office@keystonetennis.com
Rich River – Contact Andrew and Sarah Crossman- scrossman@impulse.net.au
Swan Hill – Contact David Jonkers – david@vidatennis.com.au
Ballarat Regional TC – Contact Rob Benoit- ballaratregionaltc@bigpond.com
Bendigo South East SC – ADP – Contact David Meade – meade.david@bse.vic.edu.au

Challenge Dates / Draws / Results

Further Info

For further information on the squad challenge series, of if you have students interested in participating in the series, please contact Leon Retallick on info@bendigotennis.com.au or call 5442 5744.