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To View a Competitions Details:


Please ignore the login box at the top of the screen. To view competition details you do not have to login.

For each Competition run by Bendigo Tennis Association its Draw, Results table and Ladder are viewable by the general public. These three screens each follow the same layout.

Access to a competitions information is via the competitions box on the left hand side bar of the screen. Click on either 'View Draw', 'Review Results' or 'Check Ladder' to enter the next screen.

Selecting a Competiton

Draw, Results and Ladder Information is arranged by the type of competition. To select your competition first go to the type of competition (Sport) and click on the arrow of the drop down box. The comp you have selected is represented by a tick next to it. Now select the your competition and click the button directly underneath it.

Selected the wrong Competition?
If you have selected accidentally accessed the wrong competition, simply hit the back button at the top of the browser. If you want to return back to the homepage, click on the Bendigo Tennis Association logo at the top of this page.


The draw, ladder and result screens are formatted for easy printing. To print press file: print, through the top of the browser. To see how your data will look like printed you can preview it through print preview. Our system formats the details to only print the important information to you, not the entire screen.

If there is no draw or other content displayed?
Dont stress, it is most likely that the draw and other system outputs have not been produced yet. If a competition has started and there no display you may need to contact the Complex's management

Still having problems?
For any further queries or questions regarding competition details please do not hesitate to contact the Complex on 5442 5744