Quest Bendigo Saturday Senior Pennant

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Sections and formats:

Grade Balls Weekly Fees Men/Women Matches Format Round 1
Section 1 Wilson AO $72 3 + 3 2 Singles | 8 Doubles Saturday 7th October
Section 2 Wilson AO $72 3 + 3 2 Singles | 8 Doubles Saturday 7th October
Section 3 Wilson AO $56 2 + 2 6 Doubles Saturday 7th October

NOTE: Pending entries pennant committee reserves the right to change the playing format and/or match times in any and all grades.  All players are encouraged to enter as indicated in the competition structure stated above, however, individual or small groups of players will be accepted and where possible accommodated into an appropriate competition.


Round 1 Saturday 7th October, 2017
Last match pre-Christmas break Saturday 16th December, 2017
New Year recommencement Saturday 13th January, 2018
LAST ROUND (18)     Saturday 3rd March, 2018
SEMI FINAL (1 v 2) (3 v 4)   Saturday 10th March, 2018
PRELIMINARY –FINAL (L S/f 1 –vs W S/f 2)  Saturday 17th March, 2017
GRAND FINAL Saturday 24th March, 2018


Rotation basis between Nolan St & Lawn alternating on a maximum of 2 / 2 basis.

All clubs are invited to request home matches prior to commencement of the season, which will be determined by the Playing Committee upon submission. FINALS  – court allocation to be determined by the Playing Committee.


All nominated players must be financial members of the Club nominating them.  Compliance is Club responsibility.  Players will not take to the court until they can prove they are a financial member of an affiliate tennis club. 


All matches will be under the sole control of the Playing Committee.  Any protests or disputes should be directed in writing to the Chairman or lodged via the scorecard.  Submission of this entry form indicates acceptance of the competition By Laws and BTA Codes of Conduct as published at


A team nomination fee of $120 per team must be paid with the team entry and prior to inclusion into the Competition.


Teams will be fined their total match fee (both teams) for an un-notified forfeit.   In order to avoid an un-notified forfeit the team must notify the BTA of their intention to forfeit a minimum of 48 hours prior to the scheduled match time.  Teams continually offending will be disqualified from the Competition.


Nominations for Quest Bendigo Saturday Senior Pennant must be received by Friday 22nd September.

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