Bendigo Tennis For Generations

For Generations

Tennis is not only a sport, it’s a community.  Whether you’re playing in your earliest years or your latest, tennis brings every generation together.

Bendigo Tennis is determined to provide for those generations of players, now and into the future.  The exciting new facilities under construction at Bendigo Tennis will feature a dedicated Hot Shots area for the kids right through to first class international standard on and off court facilities and more.

In tennis, the right position matters, and Bendigo Tennis is positioning itself to be the best for players whether you’re a local, national or international visitor.

Tennis consistently presents us with opportunities to focus, to overcome obstacles and to rise to the occasion.  This is one of those opportunities.  With your support, we will ensure that Bendigo Tennis continues to provide the best facilities, programs and tennis for everyone.

For today and for generations to come we will ensure Bendigo Tennis is an integral part of our community, our city and the region. Next time you’re having a hit with family, old friends or new partners remember there is nothing better than being a part of the tennis community.

40 Love Masters of Tennis

There is an exclusive opportunity to become one of only 40 Masters of Tennis who will champion the donation program and create a legacy of support for tennis in Bendigo.

A 100 per cent tax deductible donation of $2,500 or more will secure your place in this exclusive club. Individuals, families and businesses will be recognised on a Masters of Tennis Honour Board for their generosity and support of tennis for todays and future generations.

Places are strictly limited to 40.

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Stand for Generations

Watching from the grandstand, playing every point from your seat, cheering on your favourite player – there’s nothing quite like it.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re watching the best in the world, your team mates or your kids, every experience creates a memory.
Take your place in the stand when you donate to the Stand for Generations program.
A plaque bearing your name, or the name of someone dear to you will be attached to a seat in the grandstand and remain in place for 10 years.
Every dollar received through the Stand for Generations program will help us to develop and build on our tennis programs and to provide a welcoming and comfortable environment for local, national and international visitors.
Grand Slam Seat: $1000 each Best seats in the house in the centre rows of the centre section of the grandstand.  45 seats only are allocated for this level.
Championship Seat: $500 (100 seats available)
Ace Seat: $250 155 seats available
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Game, Set, Match

Tennis players are a special breed and although they are competitive, they support and challenge each other in the best possible ways.  Bendigo Tennis are seeking your support through any level of donation.  If you would like to support Bendigo Tennis through this campaign, any donation over $2 will be most gratefully received and is tax deductible

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Remember Bendigo Tennis in your will and invest your legacy in enriching the lives of those who share your passion for tennis. Your generosity will help to ensure that Bendigo Tennis remains a leading tennis organisation in Central Victoria.

Leaving a remembrance in your will can take several different forms:

  • Specific bequest – a gift from your estate of a specific item such as property, shares or a sum of money.
  • Percentage bequest – a percentage bequest instructs a set portion or percentage of your estate to be granted to the Bendigo Tennis Association.
  • Residual bequest – a residual bequest is what is left of your estate after making your gifts to family and friends but is not a specific amount of money.

We encourage you to discuss these options with your solicitor, trustee or will preparer. If you would also like to have a confidential discussion with someone from Bendigo Tennis about your plans for leaving a remembrance, or to discuss how your gift might be used, we invite you to call the Executive Officer on 5442 5744 or email